Minor Driver (Under 18), Young Driver (18-25)

  • My child is under 18, how can he obtain a driver's license?
Minor driver's license is obtainable at the age of 15.5 years old. After taking online driving courses and receiving a certificate, he or she may go to the nearest DMV office and submit an application and take the written test. If passed, a permit will be given in order to practice driving under the supervision of any adults over 21 years old of age. When ready to take driving test, he or she may make an appoint with DMV. If passed, a driver's license will be given. All minor drivers must be accompanied by their parents for one year from the date the driver's license was obtained and are NOT allowed to drive alone from 11pm to 5am until becoming 18 years old.


  • How crucial is it to teach my child the importance of having good driving habits that will ultimately lead into a safe driving?
It is pivotal to consistently teach minor drivers the importance of having good driving habits since most of them are inexperienced in driving and usually are less careful at paying attention to the surroundings on the road. Only consistent reminder and education will help encourage driving safely. It is also important to educate why driving safely is beneficial for minors when they're on the road. Minors tend to imitate and learn from their parents' driving habits, so it is extremely crucial that parents educate their minors by starting to drive safely especially when minors are at present. Securing spaces in between vehicles, not slamming on the brake, never watch phones while driving, always smooth driving, and etc. are all examples that parents may show to their minors.


  • What type of cars and insurance companies provides the most affordable car insurance for my child?

There is no huge break for minor drivers when it comes to car insurance for the first time. However, if minors keep driving safely, the rate will eventually go down before they know it. In a usual case, a minor with 3.0 GPA driving only when parents are accompanied will receive a most discount for car insurance. One recommendation for minor's first car will be an used SUV. It provides not only the most stability for minors when they're on the road but also the insurance rate is cheaper as opposed to other types of new cars. If vehicle purchased is new and considered luxurious, then the insurance rate is also going to be very expensive for the minor. Contact iSmart One Insurance to find out what kind of insurance coverage is right for your child.

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