Auto (Personal/Commercial)

How does the price for the auto insurance get determined?

Insurance carriers determine the rate of auto insurance for the driver based on the followings:

  • Area (Vehicle garaging location)
  • Reason for the vehicle use (i.e.: commute to work, school, or luxury use)
  • Estimated miles driven daily
  • Estimated miles driven annually
  • Age of driver(s)
  • Number of drivers in a household
  • Vehicle type (i.e.: suv, convertible, coupe, sedan, etc.)
  • Vehicle value (i.e.: make & model)
  • Driving record

If you just get a regular insurance rate determined by the above criteria, your insurance rate will most likely be expensive or just above average. But insurance rate can be lowered if agents, like us, can help you get the discounts that you may be qualified.

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