COVID-19 - Statement from iSmart One

During this difficult time for everyone, we hope that all of you stay safe and healthy. And our prayer goes out to everyone especially the ones that are harshly affected by this disastrous pandemic. Words cannot describe how hard it is for everyone fighting through not only the disease itself but also the situations that we all live in.

Even though our every day life has been greatly affected by this inevitable enemy, COVID-19, we must continue to progress and make our living better by each day for we still have hopes and dreams and especially our loved ones to protect. This means we must do what we need to do in order to cease the spreading of this disease. We urge everyone to visit CDC site at and learn how to protect yourself, your family, your friends and those who are around you against this virus.

We, iSmart One Insurance Service, are also going through a tough time as our business has been affected by COVID-19. But on the bright side, we have managed to minimize the damage we've experienced and found a tentative solution to sustain our business at this very difficult time. Our offices are limited to public's entrance, and we have replaced all our physical meetings with our customers and staffs with email, text or conference call. Our offices will remain opened during our normal business hours, and all inquiries will be answered accordingly without any further delay.

We thank you all our loyal customers as well as those who are fighting in the front line confronting this virus. We deeply appreciate all your support and services during this pandemic outbreak. Wish you all well. Thank you.