Health (Individual/Group)

Who needs health insurance?

Everyone needs health insurance regardless of individual's age, gender, race, occupation, location, SES, and etc. You name it... And why is this true? It's simple. Because it is the only way to not only preserve your current health condition but also prevent any health issues that you might encounter in the future.

Still not convinced?

The only way to prevent any health issues or diseases is by self-checking one's health consistently throughout its lifetime. But sadly, many people are distant/careless about checking their health regularly, and they end up in the hospital when it's too late. The rationale behind this behavior could be because the medical fee is ridiculously high that people just can't afford it. However, imagine if you have an insurance coverage that makes your medical bills very affordable. You are now able to seek health care professionals' help whenever you want it and when you need it. Don't wait until you grow your disease inside of you, join now and enjoy your full health benefits before it's too late.

Individual/Family Health Plan

This health plan is for an individual, couple, or family. Health plan's premium is basically determined by age, gender, and resident zip code. This means the premium is determined differently for each person by his or her circumstances. And because there are many plans and options to choose from, you need health insurance specialists like us who can help you get the right health plan based on your needs. To find out more information about this plan, please go to Insurance Basics and search for health plan's restrictions and requirements.

Group Health Plan

This health plan is for a business that has at least 2 or more employees who are willing to obtain health insurance.

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